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Aug 25, 2005


J J Vellara

Sometime back Calicut Corporation was honoured by an award by the minister for Local Self-Governance. But as doubts raised by some of the residents, what for the award was? Nobody knew. Some commented that the award be named after 'Kumbhakarnna' of Purana. And now some others have expressed whether the award was for hiding out the waste in Njeliyan parambu; which has emanated now as a problem. But optimistic still beleive that the corporation can solve the problem if there is a factual approach with some scientific manipulations. Fabricating a mobile floating incinerator that can take the daily waste and burn out taking it to high seas may be a considerable option.

Jayaprakash T. P

The Corporation has declared Kozhikode garbage-free zone. The move has been a success to a certain extent so far.

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