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Aug 26, 2005



Legislation on prevention of menace on education in self financing instituitions is good but before that there should be a consensus on about how the government can tackle the issue.There is one way to compete this. The government should start model institutions with nominal fee structures to educate those with merits and who are really backward. Also there should be a rethinking on who are the really backward. Now the wards of even gazetted officials and whose spouses are also employed in government services grab the benefits of caste reservation whereas people of the same community who are not so much educated have to simply remain as onlookers. The result is that some get the benefits repeatedly and others get it not at all. The weakest of the weaker is ignored and the richest and influential among the same group alone succeeds. Therefore the caste reservation for jobs and in entrance examinations should be restricted to one generation for one family to bring an endo this sort of inequality.

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