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Sep 27, 2005



I agree with the previous comment. I think the author is living in the past.

Pre-marital sex (as well as other sexual and physical abuses) has existed for a long long time in India. The only difference is that now people are more open about it.

For me, the main reason behind this is the assertivness of men to 'prove' themselves as being sexually potent.

but in the end, the women is blamed because men cant keep their you-know-what in their pants.

We are living in a modern world where information should be freely available.

I think it is time to stop fooling ourselves and admit to what happens in society.

Failure to do so (and to continue to keep younger people in the dark about contraception and sexually related diseases)will lead to a huge social problem for the country in the future.


>> Excepting some city dwellers, in India people believe that it is wrong to have sex before marriage.

- This statement is completely wrong. May be the author has not seen the villages in this country. Pre marital sex exist in villages too... People may believe that it is wrong to have sex before marriage, but they do not practice it.

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