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May 12, 2006


George Manuval

In need of a Kerala 'Budha'

Media and many of the Indians are all praise to ‘Brand Budha’ what Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has been doing to West Bengal. On political front: during the previous (2001) assembly elections, he brought CPM from the brink of losing 25+ years of rule by veteran Jyoti Basu. Trinamool Congress a strong opposition during that assembly election, is now fighting for existence.

‘Budha’ now transforming the employee-friendly eastern state to both employee and employer-friendly. Development activities are being parallel to what China has been achieving on a global market.

Simple look at the statistics of LDF win in Kerala during this election with a majority of 98 out of 140, is not up to what UDF did in 2001, wherein it was 100 out of 140. All Keralites know very well what did we achieve with the outgoing UDF led government with 100 MLAs. The achievements may be compared merely on 48 seats they have right now against the 100.

The bottom line is that not the massive majority bring the expectations of people up. We are in need of a ‘Brand Budha’ in Kerala too. Neither a ‘Smart’ Oommen, hard-core Achu, Singapore Vijayan, Dhrutharashtra Karunakaran nor an ideology-lost Antony. But, simply a ‘Kerala Budha’. Would there be anyone like that?

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