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May 04, 2006


George Manuval

Nothing is going to happen after this election to Kerala Assembly, except a toss from UDF to LDF. Neither of these two fronts ( or a third front) have a clear vision for Kerala's long term prosperity. Only one thing they console each other : after five years the winners become losers and vice versa.

A visionary President of India pointed out how Kerala can excel from the limited resources. Until then nobody knew about it!? Lack of long term policies on industry, power and energy, agriculture, human resources, etc, etc. No one care about it, except dirty politics and gambling. Caste and creed are well balanced from the very beginning of considering the candidates. Make maximum moolah while in power. 'Quotation' scheme not only amongst gangsters, but also for everything from transfer of employment, promotion, sale of property, education, marriage, etc.

100% literate people acting like 100% illiterate, highly educated youth totally un-employed, plenty of jobs not for Keralites, but from other states!

Keep it up Kerala, God's own country.

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