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Jul 29, 2006



Thanks to the Author. Excellent article for the beiginners/starters in share trading. I really appreciate the effort and pain you took to come out with such an article. Simple and layman's langauge written with some good and personal experiences to share with us. After reading the article I feel I am getting interested to Share trading. Thanks again for such a neatly and lucidly written article on share trading.


Really very useful for beginer. I am interested to invest in stock market and learned a lot from this discussion. Thank u again.

share market

Very efficiently written post. It will be valuable to everyone who uses it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.
share market

Forex Trading

I have just started forex trading.I need a road map to start investing.Because i know that without proper road map i can not get profit.I am not a risk taker.Can anyone help me?


good article for beginners


Very nice article. Covering all major basics of modern days share trading. Thanks!!


Very simple to understand and very useful.


Dear Sir, Your "Online Share Trading Guide" is one of THE BEST Guides for a beginner (like me). I have been searching for a Share market tutorial of any kind for the past one month MY SEARCH ENDED with your site. Your language is the best part of your guide. It is very simple, easily understandable even by a 5th std student. Secondly, the order of the rules to be followed is unique. I want to write more but it may consume your most valuable time.

Satheesh V S

It was a great article from u for people like me who r on double mind. U did it from begginers point of view. Helped a lot clear my doubts, to get familiarize with the terms . Thanx a lot for ur fantastic work.


As a beginner i learned a lot from your side, Thanks great work!!!!

Alik Biswas

Very Nice, after reading it , i also start thinking to invest in Indian market.

Account Deleted

Let me thank u first for sharing your views. I have started trading just two months back and lost a lot of money in it doing commodities and equity day trading but i took a decision that i wont quit this instead i will learn and start with more caution. I was scrolling the net for a good tutor or views. I was really getting more energetic and enthusiasm reading ur articles.It helped a lot to build my confidence. Let me thank u from deep inside my heart.


excellent job,very informative indeed,want the continuation of it in 2010,after this horror recession.


Very good article for a beginneror those who want to start investing in shares.

Sam Mathew

hi, i want to say that your article and your blog both are very nice , your blog also always help me .

thanks for sharing your views with me

Anand Natarajan

a wonderful article for beginners who have huge dreams for a good future in equity investments. very helpful... expect more like this!


this was avery good piece of information, u gave the very basic ideas which are suited for the new ones who plan to enter into this field, u have done a great job, thanks a lot, from dr sreenidhi.s


i took help from many more online websites or forums.they really helped me.i was suggested one site of Nifty Options tips...it was really very-very helpful i came to know about many tips regarded to money investment in share market.here is a good online help.

Krishna Kumar

Great Job! Thanks a lot


Very helpful and a great article. Just what one needs to start with and it will keep the investors or traders grounded while dealing. Great Job. One can relate to the article and see all doubts n concerns answered one by one.

Another information that could be included is the brokerage charges by the banks charged and what it means and those terms.


really wonderful, i had been trying to enter into share tradig, but could not muster courage to do so, but after going through your article, i am confident enough to jump to pool to taste the water.


It is very interesting to read your article about Online trading. I found it very useful and mind opening to a small inverter like me. The details are very elaborate and eye opening and sincerely thank your for such kind of article.

best regards/Ramadas


Excellent Great! Thanks a lot


Can i classify the Bse100 on industries basis for analysis purposes ?. to find business risk and financial risk among few industries from BSE100.


What is the difference in Bse100 and BSE30 and various bse. on what basis it is taken.

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