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Jul 29, 2006


ashish pareek

I would appreciate your effort a lot. You really has done a very great job.


The tutorial is absolutely wonderful and provides great info for new investor like me. The sequence of chapters is on spot and I am envious of your presentation skills. Thank you very much. Moreover, you are creating more sensible investors out of this by embedding correct way of thinking. This is absolutely important!


Good tutorial.
I was searching for such tutorial with experiences.

CFD Trading

i have read your article its nice and very helpfull for someone who is new in trading.


Good article. It helped me.


Thankyou Mr. Gopinath. Your article was very informative. Being an NRI, I was looking for this. Thank you very much for your help. If you update the information periodicaly, it will be even more helpful - thank you.


I really appreciate the way u have written the subject. Its really worth to those who are new to this subject. many people want to know about this but dey dont get required material to study!


tahnk u for ur valuable information, it is very useful for new comers. thnk u very much...........


very very usefull article... i was looking forward to start trading and this article really helped me in taking my initial steps. I appreciate your effort. All the best

Chandra Reddy

It is really helpful for newbie. I really appreciate your interest to share your experiences and learning curve. How many of us write our experiences loud and clear? How many of us help others? You are one of those good guys/gurls who care for others... Thanks for the information.

gaurav sharma

Information was good but teach people something about p/e ratio and volumes and value. Also the difference between BSE and NSE and what is nifty, bse100 and bse30 indices apart from sensex? and what are groups.. example-T-group,A group and B-group companies? and how the companys are affected by the rise n fall of share prices?..is share trading a total gamble and if not then how much (in percentage) one can predict about share prices? what does 'ciruit breakers' term stand for?

manohar bhat

Awasome infomation for Beginners for sure. It helped a lot to start with a small money in share market. thank you very much for your kind to guide people.

Shahul Hameed

Well to be honest you really matched up to the laymans mind and though you have conquered the strategies and procedures of the share trading you haven't properly illustrated the way to sell and buy. What i mean to say is that though you have shown how to place an order and make a market or limit order you have not shown how to make a buy or sell based on the chart. Most people rely on the chart and it would be nice if you could translate the chart to me like whats previous price, average price, volume and other stuffs on which we should base our investment decisions on. But anyways thanks for the help and i hope you will fulfill my query. Thank you


I've just begun the trading in August 2008. I have a great passion to do share trading.

But after going through your article. I found it informative

The purpose of the article is to impart about the system to the layman. You succeeded. Good work


Hey, It's really a very nice article for beginners like me and I would appreciate your effort a lot. It's very helpful for me and I would like to follow the steps you have advised to. I have a question for you? why didn't you invest in MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT which is a very fast growing industry now-a-days? Anyways thanks a lot for the article. ALL THE BEST TO YOU FOR THE FUTURE.


Hey man, You really had did a very great job... Of course being a beginner I didn't have a proper knowledge and what about's of Stock market. Just I went through your post and it was really an excellent piece which I would suggest all my friends to have a look at. You had really helped me to 100% of knowing everything what I need to know before entering into a Stock market..

Thanks a lot buddy...


Himanshu Taank

Hi, It was really great and helpful to go through this article. I am a beginner to this share trading market. I will really appreciate if i can get some kind of guideance to do the share trading, like to invest in which companies ?


Really nice description. As a new comer, for me.

Anurodh Kanchan

I am a new investor and was looking for some good material on equity and online trading, but could not find anywhere. The information on your article is very good and has cleared many of my doubts. Thanks

seema sharma

Sir, I am extremely thankful to you for providing such useful information. It is really a very good article and helps me a lot in understanding share market and share trading. Thanks and regards.

Subhendu Sen

Hi...You might have written it in May 2006, but, in my opinion, you have written the truth which is valid forever. Knowingly...I repeat, Knowingly, you have become my master guide for share market investments.

You had been very honest and unbiased throughout, which is very rare in any investment-related article ever published anywhere that I have gone through. May God bless you with all real good things in your life forever!

Capt V C Tewari

Dear sir, I have no words for praise for you. I am requesting all my friends to visit your site. Please continue your good efforts. Many thanks and best regards - Capt V C Tewari.

TP Gopinath

Response from TP Gopinath to Mr. S. Krishnakumar.
You can contact ICICI call centre office in the Bank street Dubai. Their phone number is 04-3070307. If you have a PAN card, it becomes easier because you have to only apply for an ICICI bank account and webtrade account for online trading. Primary issues can be bought online also.


I am having an account with ICICI - Indian national working and staying in UAE. I would like to buy shares from Indian markets ( primary issues also). I do not have a PAN card. Kindly advise how I can start trading with the Indian shares from UAE itself - Thanking you.

Aby Lukose

Gopinath, Became a fan on your presentation and explanation skill of your knowlege in a meaningful way, after reading this article. I am a small scale investor which I do by doing some homeworks in the market. I would like to have future correspondance with you, if you dont mind.
Thanks, and keep up your good work.

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