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Jun 26, 2007


pradeep kumar

what my taxi driver told me seems true. he had told me that there is all likelyhood of foreign airllines coming to calicut shortly and hence the action of the IUML hartal -to claim that they were the ones responsible for the result.


The international standard of Calicut Airport has been a dream of every Malabaries. But unfortunately we don't have enough flights or good service from there.

If authorities continue to close their eyes, we must join together with lot of NRIs and lead a campaign. Last month many NRIs visa was cancelled. Who will be responsible for that, only our National Carrier’s and our Government.

My first travel started via Indian Air Lines (Coming from SAUDI via Emirates to DUBAI) from Bombay -Calicut - Bombay on 1992, now DOHA-CALICUT-DOHA. But unfortunately I could not find the good service or professional approach I got from Dubai Airport, Doha Airport or Bahrain Airport from my own home town.


Worst Airport(s) - This was toughy. I certainly could not narrow it down to just one in this case. And then there are the airports in the Mid-East and India section where we have received MANY Hellish reviews. As there are so many to choose from, I am also giving the Worst Airport(s) award to the entire country of India who only has one airport rated "good", but only because it was a better alternative to actually sleeping in one of their hotels. Unacceptable seating, foul odours, filth, fleas, safety, and general hassles have resulted in India's 8 year reign of the Worst Airport(s) Title. Travellers beware: when sleeping in one of India's "fine" airports be sure you have your own bug spray, air freshener and disinfectant or just go to the nearest bar and drink the pain away.
I'm not arguing that India's airports should be up to Qatar's standards - Qatar is a small but rich country with one airport. But it would be a good idea for India's airports to move towards the quality of the "enormous bus stations" that has, or at least half that quality


The international standard of Calicut Airport has been a dream of every Malabarites. But unfortunately we don't have enough flights or good service from there. If authorities continue to close their eyes, we must join together with lot of NRIs and lead a campaign.


Your article is timely and a serious one to be discussed among NRIs. Eventhough we have many organisations and leaders, Calicut Airport still operates in a bureaucratic style. This should change. Everyone should come forewrd.

TP Gopinath

While I appreciate the views of Mr. JJ Vellara, the fact remains that those who are in the Gulf and fly through Calicut airport is suffering enormously. As he rightly pointed out, Hartals are too bad to result in any good. However, I am sure that each and every family in Malabar shares the Gulf Indians pain because they all have at least one friend or close relative who once used this airport.

There is also the news that Air India and the minister came out with statements yesterday. However, as IUML (Indian Union Muslim League) stated, nothing short of allowing other airlines will stop Calicut’s misery because Air India will continue to bury their promises and can’t be expected to provide better service.

What we need, is a collective and strong campaign aimed towards achieving foreign flights to be allowed at Calicut because the problem we are facing stems from Air India’s and the ministry’s monopolistic position in Calicut airport and their distaste for allowing other airlines. Even if we had other airlines like Jet Airways allowed freely to the Gulf, Air India will automatically change in Calicut because their monopoly is broken. This is what we can make out from them providing better service in Cochin (where eight airlines operate on the Gulf sector), Trivandrum, and other Indian airports where they have competition.

On the note on Hartal, yesterday, in the Asianet channel’s News Hour program, a ‘Hartal Virudha Samithy’ leader was recommending that we could have the following innovative methods instead of the current complete shutdowns. Such shutdowns are surely affecting the states development and causing great hardships to ordinary people. He was advising one of the following new methods to try.

1. A Hartal for a shorter duration - One or Two hours.
2. A Hartal in which those who are willing to participate only, are called upon to do so without exerting any pressure to shut stops and stop moving.
3. Protest in which banners on the subject of objection are displayed in businesses and shops by those who protest.

But I doubt whether Hartals would change, our political parties, are they really worried about people and states development?

Let me single out the Marxists on this one, who do little to help people and much to dissuade development. Latest example is where the center is complaining that the state Govt. is not agreeing to the BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer) mode of the National Highway development which other states have accepted. Roads are improving in a tremendous pace in other states as a result of this. See our roads!

Also, on the issue of nuclear deal, they are more concerned about what foreign policy we have towards Iran and Palestine than the concern our PM has on the great need of electrical power for our developing economy.


This is a serious and very relevent issue. Everyone should come forward and fight for the development of Calicut Airport and free this place from red tapism.

I have never experienced AIR INDIA or INDIAN AIRLINES journey. But when I have heard many hardships of passengers from friends and relatives, I feel relieved because I tried to get reservation in Indain Airlines Doha-Calicut but didn't get.Then I travelled by Srilankan Airlines.

I experienced good treatment, I would say best service.In Colombo the airport authorities also very helpful and professional.

But unfortunately I could not find the good service or professional approach I got from Doha airport or Colombo from my own home town. This article should be discussed among Gulfites and become an eye-opener to the authorities.

J J Vellara

While expressing solidarity with the aggrieved fliers from Malabar, I cannot totally agree to Hartal put up by on of the political parties in that regard.

First of all Hartal is not the most correct method to project greivance (one political party is planning picketting in front of the Airport). Again the minister for external affairs who is an MP of the same party which had given call for hartal, has promised to take up the matter with the ministry for civil aviation.

Thirdly already another hartal has been 'booked' on Nov 1st by another party on another flimsy account. Let me say, at the expense of a local phone call, politicians are able to put the people of the whole state on a pivot.

This is a very pathetic and alarming situation because it affects livelyhood for the unorganized labour and it places an axe right on the root of development. In a state where the literacy is the highest, it is a wonder that people keep mum against attrocities like this.We cannot blame political parties because, "AS ARE THE PEOPLE, SO IS THE DEMOCRACY".

Definitely the partisaan attitude of the authorities concerned towards Calicut Airport should be condemned and is to be discussed in parliament; for which we have to abide to some stringent actions.

J J Vellara

Air India still behaves like a monopoly and have all the true characteristics of an Indian Govt establishment.


I totally agree with Gopinath, If we look at the standards and services provided by National Carriers of many countries lesser than the size of Massive India, we can find we are still flying bullock cart standards!

I guess the time has come for our authorities to realize that if we don't catch up with the world, within a frame of 20 years, we will have channels like National Geographic and Discovery telecasting our nation as an abode of a primitive human race.

I advice you try sticking on to airlines like srilankan or if you are well affluent with emirates, Those people know that customers come first and serving them the most important.

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