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Dec 02, 2007



thank you for the mullaperiyar article. i wanted know about the issue for my project.THANKS.One doubt! Is it Bennny Cook or Penny Cuick?

Megna Neendoor

Article: Times are Changing.

Very well written article about changing times......We must never forget our values & our family & near & dear ones no matter how many ever electronic gadgets we have...

Divya Vikas Amarnath

Article: Times are Changing.

The line about fancier houses and broken homes... got me thinking. My husband and I are keen to buy a house and are 'shopping'currently. We have also just had a baby and I'm scheduled to resume work in a month from now.

I guess like a lot of couples today, we are trying to tread the fine line ... leaving a child at home as both of us work to make that 'house' a reality.

Times sure are changing. Values, should not.I guess the focus on relationships allow us to ensure that we are not running behind the wrong things, without enough reason!

It is a home, that we wish to make a reality, and not a house!


vs is the powerful leader of cpm.nobody can replace him from the mind of keralites.......

Supriya Mathew

I read the article by Rajesh Kumar Edacheri posted on the 25th of July, 2009 – “Rain lashed Kerala”. I am a PhD student working on local adaptation responses for climate disasters in Australia and India. The article was really interesting for me as I was wondering how these figures would change if the monsoon becomes more uncertain and unpredictable in the light of climate change.
I am quite interested to know the source of the economic loss figures/death toll given in the article. Do we have an authority that keeps record of the losses due to monsoon every year (for the whole state or district wise)? Could the author or anyone else having an idea about this post the details please?

J J Vellara

Article: Plantain leaves; "threat" to environment?
In our country every reformation is brought about to suit the Vote Bank politics. The people as a mass are dumb and deaf and every Political Party plays POLITRICKS with the people. Take for example the plastic Ban. Actually there should be a ban on the production front. And when it goes to sand mining there is no Ban on the consumer end. Therefore these two bans are actually topsy-turvy. This just an example of the non sincere attitude of our politicians who happens to be our leaders and rulers. The ban on Plantain leaf also should be alike and born out of some vested interests who wants to promote sum substitute and who could influence the local governing body.

N.B.: The common proverb is that "AS ARE THE PEOPLE SO IS THE DEMOCRACY". (And as is the democracy, so are our leaders).

J J Vellara

The article by Chitra karunakaran upon bribery in Indian Railways brings to light one of the social evils. But remember when there is a needy person he outlaws everything to fullfil his requirement. It is question of demand-supply.Capitation fee is also bribery. Consultation fee for Govt. Doctors is also bribery. When demand is more than availability, bribery sets in. Ultimately it points out to our over population. Time to think of new concepts with population control.



Article : Unseen Blessing

Hi Rajesh,

The adage has been elaborated in a poetic manner. Filled with so much of feelings. Losing a friend that too when death parts, at young age is the most painful, had it been true friendship... If your friends don’t help and sacrifice are they friends? Being busy and sorry are never terms in a friends dictionary... they sense ur urgency at times of necessity and reach you, if by chance they miss, try again to connect back....

Or does friends also have problems of ego??? No idea... there can be restraints of course-manifold forms- BUT thats whats friendship after all. Good friends understand you better than your family!!!BUT again that doesnt mean these are comparable...

3 cheers to ur networks...


article: social studies text
excellent approach rajesh...
good positive interpretation...
as usual this may be another drama to divert public attention, however it has paved way for loss of a precious life meanwhile...whichever religion one may be used to, every positive individual would have prayed for that soul in their own way...thats the universality of all religions and the basis of spirituality...
the conclusion is the most apt one.
all best wishes.


Article : Forsaken Girls

Female foeticide- a shocking revelation.

1. Premarital counselling can be made mandatory and just like assessing horoscopes for matching, such attitudes and compatibility be ascertained...

2. there are innumerable charity organisations and individuals functioning that cater to the care of deserted and neglected children, especially neonatals. media efforts can be intensified to link these agencies to hospitals and gender clinics, also networked with counselling centres, so that foeticide rates are reduced effectively.

3. In our concurrent society, there are innumerable couples with infertility problems. An education and empowerment programme can be envisaged in association with "amma thottil", so that they can adopt babies and care for them as long as they want. Here, the assessment should be genuine, procedures simple with facility to rehabilitate the adopted child in an alternative environment, in case the adopted parents conceive or fail to take care of the babe as envisaged, at any later stage.

4. Expenses to raise a girl and boy vary widely in our soceity. while parents expect to seek help from their grown up sons, the real extent to which it materialises is highly limited. A study or interactions from residents of old age homes would throw light on this...

Girls on the other hand simultaneously have limitations as their primary concern is for their nuclear family, even in educated and empowered cases!!!If these expenses can be curbed to the extent possible and awareness created on the realities in concurrent soceity,...it can be controlled to some extent.

5. Many a times female foeticides are forced upon the mothers by in-law pressure and superstitous beliefs. Lower middle class and the still lower profiles admit hesitatingly to such henious act for fear on their personal survival...WHy not identify and initiate support through womens groups in such cases???

6. its high time a radical change is made in the very basic attitude of the elite group, gears are shifted positively to carve and mould an excellent new generation...

Alisha Sajidali

Article: Spiritual Business:

Please dont equate the criminal "swamis" to spiritual leaders,...its like "kadalum" "kadaladiyum" as in our old saying!!!

There are "pseudo" people who telecast "fake" images on religious grounds. Anybody with a little common sense can easily follow ones own logic to identify between either.

The concluding section of your article has an exploring side... based on thatwamasi... like a ray of light at the end of the tunnel...

But, if the media news is real, ( or an exagerrated version to divert headlines from true issues in the state) WHAT facilitates such huge gatherings in these cheap criminal setups? isn't that what should be thought about and isn't it high time it gets tackled?

Is it unemployment? underemployment? family problems? change in societal vision? presence of legal loop holes? total absence of true spirituality? lack of basic understanding of religion? or above all the Uniqueness of God Almighty?

The tripartite nexus of bureaucracy, politicians and contractors have added the "religious component" and "charity" options for exploitation of the frustrated common man.....?

Isn't all this an impact of the liberation and globalisation efforts? was this the progress envisioned?

How so many girls could be exploited? didn't they have fathers, brothers, husband, uncles.....how so many of them reached destitute homes? ultimately the very fabric of our own soceity has come to a stage from where a rejuvenation and maybe a revolution is long over due...

Lets pray that a team with true vision of sustainable development emerge to rule us!!!

Your efforts are highly commendable.

Sajith kumar. P.P Mokery

About Kannur politics:

Not two cpim workers killed, 7 workers killed by sangha parivar activicts. that is the main reason for the above incidents. he is trying hide something from the readers. So say the truth, be a true man.


Article: The man who carry 'heart'
Another well drafted nostalgic piece from Edacheri...
Have you written a letter in the near future? If not, why dont you try to pen one? definitely your Mom would cherish it ....the link to postal department site is a commendable conclusion, adding a practical touch to the past...ALL the BEST.


Article : Vishu - The blessing of Naturehai.
Rajesh, your vishu kani is simply nostalgic. Really beautiful memoir except the last lines... The contemporary - reality- conclusion could have been avoided!!!! dont worry, its only a personal observation.


Article : Marriage at 18: Easily married!

Already we are at the brink of population explosion. The present scenario is that every individual give rise to at least three/four new generations during his/her life span.

That means for every couple, if they have two children, the population goes on progressing geometrically. That means it will be like this: every 22nd year (reckoning the marriage age of men at 21 now) one couple will give way for two children. At that rate at the 66th year it will be 2->2->4->8. That means before one's expiry there will be 1:4 expansion in birth rate alone.

So every 100 crore population in India will give rise to 400 crores and become (100+100+200+400=800) in just 66 years considering one's average life span is about 65 years. If the marriage age is lowered to 18 years for men, we will attain this 800 crores in just 54 years and in 72 years it will cross 1500 crores for every 100 crores now.

Just imagine and decide whether we have to lower the marriage age or raise it? Even today the main problem of India is its population. Unemployment can be reduced only if we bring down the population. Natural resources including even drinking water will be something rare in the next ten years. At this time it was not wise for the law commission to make such recommendation.

Chithra KarunaKaran

The Rise of the Car Nazis: Ratan and the Tata Wannabes; Author Response.

I appreciate JJ Vellara's comment. I am wondering if Kerala's pro-public groups like Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Kerala Shastra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP)and numerous NGO's have mounted support FOR mass public transportation and organized resistance AGAINST the manufacture of this so-called People's Car and other forms of allegedly cheap private car manufacture. Cheap for the environment?

Also I am dismayed by the feeble statements of Rajendra Pachauri concerning the Nano. He described himself as having "nightmares" over the Nano. Is this an engineer and environmental policy leader talking? He sounds like a psychological basket case. Why is he so afraid to speak up? Who pays his salary? Ratan Tata? How much? We need to exercise some RTI on this point.

Pachauri is great at recommending (talk is cheap, no accountability required on his part) to entire nations what to do about climate change, but he can barely do more than cluck and squawk about the Nano. Pachauri is Director-General of TERI. TERI has many corporate sponsors and TATA is one of them, in fact TATA is a founding sponsor of TERI. On Google TERI is alternatiely listed The Energy and Resources Institute or TATA Energy and Resources Institute.

So how independent is Pachauri? This is a guy who helps maintain the Indian elite status quo while also being a competent engineer and coordinator of environmental science-based projects.

I'll never forget that the war crimes specialist, President Bush fired Pachauri's outspoken and brilliant predecessor Robert Watson, at Mobil's behest. Bush approved Pachauri because he knew Pachauri wouldn't make too much of a noise. Pachauri has a conciliatory and inclusive organizational leadership style which is of course great, he works well with people, but basically he is a patsy, a yes man. Science without ETHICS is useless, dangerous science.

Maybe some environmental activists can take a critical look at Rajendra Pachauri and TERI. Are they part of the solution? Or are they part of the problem?

Chithra KarunaKaran.

J J Vellara

The Rise of the Car Nazis: Ratan and the Tata Wannabes:

Smt Chithra exposes the grim picture behind the fact. The truth is that we even do not have the road infrastructure to ply the available class of vehicles now. We tend to imitate the west; but learn it that many a country has started thinking and acting upon expanding public mass rapid transit systems.

In Brazil they have paved way for light rail system to enable commuting as the roads get choked at peak hours. Not to speak of pollution the vehicles create. India though pictured as a poor country over the globe have the persons among the first ten richest in the world. Here cars are owned by rich people as well upto middle class; but under utilized thanks to the fuel prices and poor road infrastructure.

Our roads are so bad that right from hand cart to deluxe buses share the same six meter wide corridor. There are not enough road shoulders for parking; not to speak of pedestrians and no path for cyclists at all.

It is time we have to think of improving public transport facilities because we are at the brink of population explosion and it is not advisable for everyone to own a two-wheeler to reduce crowd in buses and trains.

J J  Vellara

Kozhikode : New Hotspot for Mafia:

The article by Rajesh Kumar Edacherry tells the naked truth. It is on commercial outlook that an article was published in a leading English daily; by personification of the author, bringing such article to the lines in its supplements. The aim behind it seems only more advertisments of that sector. Save for the solid waste management recently started by the corporation, the city is as bad any other Indian cities due to lack of sincerity by the local administration in shaping it up.

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