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Jan 02, 2009



1.Part I.English-Two way communication Techniques, Novel:Under the Greenwood Tree, Drama: The Doll's House, Prose:Glimpses of Modern Prose.BA History I year PaperI: Emergence of Modern World

2.Financial Acctg,Business & Corporate Laws, Business Mgt,Banking Theory & Practice, Business Communication and Mktg Mgt are the subjects presribed for II Bcom.For detailed syllabus, pl contact the nearest college,Information Centre or the G&A Branch of the University.

3.Details of applying for the duplicate certificates of the University have been given earlier in this Help Desk.pls refer it.

4.You can contact the nearest college or the University Library for old question papers for reference

5.I B.Com exam is scheduled to begin on 24.04.2009, as per the information I got from the Exam Branch

6.You need to write only the failed I year examination.If you have passed II year exam already, you would not be allowed to write the same(II Year) again.You should write all the papers of I year MA exam, if you have failed the I year

7.If you have failed, you can write the failed part/year's exam as supplementary candidate, irrespective of years

8.You should contact the Law college or the G&A Branch of the University for the syllabus of LLB for reference

9.You can write the exam in the same syllabus in the forthcoming exam.If you had been registered and absent for the Final year exam earlier, you should write the I & II year papers also along with final year papers
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