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Jan 23, 2010



1.Leneesha-There is usually some delay in getting the degree certificate of the University.If its an ordinary application, it takes around 1 year to get the certificate.if it is applied under fast track scheme ( special category by paying extra fee) the certificate is issued earlier than the former one.

You have not mentioned whether you applied ordinary way or fast-track.Anyhow, you can send a reminder letter to the Controller of Examinations for sending it early.You should also enclose an attested copy of your HSE marklist along with your degree application.Please furnish all details like Course, Centre, Reg. No.Month & year, date of application etc in your letter.It will have results.Further, the University has now taken steps to issue the degree certificates without much delay.you can expect to get the certificate sooner.

2.Shihabudheen: Its now the time to apply for the II year degree examination of the University.You have to follow the present syllabus.

3.Anjali: You should contact the Directorate of Distance education of Annamalai University for obtaining your B.Ed original certificate.

The telephone Nos of DDE of Annamalai Univewrsity are 04144-238610,237160,237337.I think there won't be any problem for you to get your degree,which you have passed from the university.It is obligatory for them to issue you your degree as and when you apply for it irrespective of the delay.You will have to pay extra fee like search fee, fine etc for late application.

4.Jeena: Provisional certificate is usually issued along with your final year marklist, if you pass the B.Com examination in the first appearance itself.

I think you have passed in the supplimentary appearance and that is why you have not got it along with your III year marklist.If that is the case, please report to the B.Com wing of the University with your application, marklists and hall-ticket Apart from provisional certificate, you have also to apply for the original degree certificate.

For this, you have to fill the prescribed form, remit the necessary fee, enclose challan for the fee, attested copies of your HSE marklist, CSS certificate, Ist page of SSLC and submit them all to the Controller of Examinations.

5.Manoj: Its now time to apply for the II BA examination of the University.You should follow the present syllabus

6.Regeena: You can continue your registration with the SDE by re-enrolling for the II M.Com course in next June.You can write the examination for II year after re-registering for II year course.The fee will be around Rs.2500/-
By Pramod, Calicut University
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