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Jun 04, 2011



1.AMJAD:A candidate should have obtained not less than 35% marks of the aggregate marks for each division of the examination for a pass in that division, that is 210 marks for main and 70 marks for subsidiary unit.In the case of candidates taking Part III as a whole (2 divisions), the pass minimum shall be 35% of the aggregate marks for that part subject to a minimum of 30% for each division (Main and subsidiaries).There is no separate minimum for each paper.There is no provision for paper wise pass.

2.JOSE XAVIER:You can write the failed papers and pass the examination.There is no distinction between Universities.All Universities have a uniform pattern of evaluation.

3.RAJANI:You should apply for your TC in the prescribed format from the SDE of the Calicut University. You can also apply for the migration certificate in the prescribed form from the University.The fee required is Rs.65/-The application should be accompanied by the TC/its attested copy and attested copy of MA marklist.You will not have any difficulty in obtaining these certificates from Calicut University, if you submit the applications properly
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