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Oct 08, 2011



CORRECTION: In the answer given to the question of Pradeep (1),there is an inadvertent slip with regard to the months referred to.The months may please be read in the following order.(i) January 2012 (September 2011 session),(ii)April 2011 and (iii)December 2011.
By Pramod

Account Deleted

1.PRADEEP:You can appear for the Part I failed English papers at the next II BA supplementary examination to be held in January 2011 (September 2010 session).The notification for this examination will be issued by the University immediately after the publication of the results of the II BA exam held in April 2010, which will be almost around the middle of December 2010.Please be on the look-out for the notification on the website of the University. Since you were registered for your previous examinations in the conventional way earlier, having numerical register number, i.e; by using application forms, you should again apply for this examination in the same manner as and when the notification for this examination is published by the University.Regarding the books for your studies, you may contact the Central Co-operative stores of the University.Tel No: 0494-2400012

2. MINI:He can do accordingly so as to get his marklist and certificate earlier.

3. UJJAl & HARRIS: Please check the website of the University for the syllabus.

By Pramod, University of Calicut,
Information Centre, Ponnani
Tel:+91 9447446169

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