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Feb 25, 2012


Account Deleted

1.RUDRA: You have not mentioned the name of the University vis a vis the syllabus, so as to enable me to give a correct reply.Anyhow, please contact the Academic Branch of the University concerned for the syllabus.

2.BALA: There is no need to have the provisional certificate of your BA course,since you have your original degree certificate with you right now.There is no provision for the re-issuance of the provisional certificate once issued.

3.NOUSHEER: It is now the time to apply online for the II B.Com (Part I English)examination to be held in April 2012.The exam, as per the present schedule,will begin on 25.04.2012.The print-out of the online application should be sent to the Controller of Exams.You have to follow the 2005 admission syllabus for this exam. Please visit the University website for online registration and other details.
By Pramod
University of Calicut,
Information Centre

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